Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Protocols at Culver City Orthodontics to mitigate COVID exposure and transmission

Dear Culver City Orthodontics Family,

We understand that during these uncertain times, you may have some concerns about visiting the orthodontist. We want you to know that your safety and our team’s safety are our number one priority. We are following the current CDC and ADA guidelines to make sure we are doing everything we can to mitigate the risk of infection and exposure at our office. The information below is an overview of our current guidelines and COVID Protocols at Culver City Orthodontics:

  1.  VACCINATION: 100% of our team members and doctors are fully vaccinated with either Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. 
  2. VIRTUAL APPOINTMENTS. We are using a virtual appointment platform for any type of appointment that does not need to be “in-person.” You can access our virtual visit platform via our website: (the virtual visit link will pop up within 3 seconds of opening the website). This website is hipaa compliant and will allow you to send photos to our doctors with any questions or concerns. Our doctors are available around the clock to review photos and answer questions that arise. Our doctors are also available for zoom calls as needed. Retainer checks, Invisalign checks, rubber band checks, growth and development checks and initial consultations can be done via this platform.
  3. IF YOU DON’T FEEL WELL, STAY HOME. If you are having any symptoms that seem unusual for you, please stay home. What you think might be allergies, could be the beginning of a COVID Infection. Don’t take a chance. If you are feverish, have body aches, a headache, chills, or any other symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home.
  4. ONLY ONE PARENT/GUARDIAN CAN BE WITH A CHILD. In our efforts to limit the number of people in the clinic, we ask that only the patient enter the clinic; however, for our younger patients who feel more comfortable with a parent or guardian, we kindly ask that you not bring siblings, friends or other people to the appointment.
  5. MASKS ARE REQUIRED Masks covering the nose and mouth are required for all people in the office at all times (we will ask our patients to remove their masks only when in the dental chair and when we are ready to work in the mouth).
  6. HAND WASHING We are enforcing hand washing for all people (patients, guardians and team members) entering the clinic. There is also hand sanitizer readily available throughout the office. Please feel free to use it.
    • Implementation of medical grade air scrubbers and purifiers throughout the office.
    •  Installation of a new and stronger vacuum for our high-speed suction.
    • Use of a new dental extra-oral suction machine to use when performing aerosol-generating procedures to help decrease any aerosols in the office.
    • Elimination of any splatter-generating procedures (dental procedures have been modified to eliminate use of the air/water syringe, which increases the amount of splatter).
    • Use of a ULV fogger with hypochlorous acid to disinfect aerosols and surfaces throughout the office.
    • More frequent disinfection of high contact surfaces such as the check-in desk, counters, door knobs and handles.
    • Plexiglass has been installed at our front desk to help create a physical barrier between our patients and our administrative team.
  8. INCREASED PPE FOR OUR ENTIRE TEAM. Our administrative team will be wearing masks at all times in the office. Our clinical team will be wearing KN95/N95 masks, face shields, gloves and gowns over their scrubs when working on patients.
  9. COME WITH TEETH ALREADY BRUSHED. Due to the ADA and CDC guidelines, we have eliminated our tooth-brushing station due to potential splatter and have converted it into a hand-washing station so please be sure to brush prior to your visit with us.
  10. DELAYED TREATMENT FOR PATIENTS WITH UNDERLYING CONDITIONS If you, or a family member that you are in contact with, have any underlying conditions that put you at a higher risk of having a severe COVID infection, we advise that you delay treatment until your physician believes that it is safe for you to return to the office.

We look forward to getting back to work and continuing to work on all of your beautiful smiles!

Dr. Borenstein, Dr. Fell, Dr. Park and the entire team at Culver City Orthodontics

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